Made it to Her Farm


I am at Her Farm! It took a lot of time and energy to get here. After the 17 hour flight to Nepal, it took another three hours by bus to get to the town of Bagmati and another 2 hours of hiking to get to the farm. The farm is 4.5 km up. My sister (this is what the women/girls call each other – I am their sister and they are my sister) knew a short cut so we didn’t have to take the road but it resulted in some steep terrain up. I would never have known where to go. It’s amazing the network of trails that people have here to get to each other’s houses. Most people in the village travel by foot with some motorbikes and very few trucks.


We had to cross over this bridge to start our hike up to the farm.


Hike started off nice and flat through a rice field.


And then we weren’t so flat anymore! This is my sister Yamuna leading the way. She was at the volunteer house in Kathmandu when I arrived on Wednesday. She helped me get from Kathmandu to the farm.  Help was very much needed. The bus system was difficult to follow especially since we were taking local buses and not the tourist ones. And of course I would not have been able to find my way up those trails!


It was a hot and humid walk UP but once I arrived it was well worth it! I have an appreciation for the way locals travel in this village. Here is the view from Her Farm.


This is the view from my bedroom window. It’s breathtakingly beautiful here.

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