Update from Pokhara

The view of Pokhara and Phewa Tal (lake) from the World Peace Pagoda. 

Greetings from Pokhara. It’s been a while since my last post so it’s about time I catch up on my blog! Since my last post I’ve been on a 5-day trek in the Himalayas, spent a couple of days relaxing in Pokhara with new friends, went on a 4-day jungle safari in Chitwan National Park, and most recently finished a 3-day retreat with a focus on meditation, yoga, and introduction to Buddhism. It’s been a busy couple of weeks so I am taking the next couple of days to catch up on sleep, update my blog, and just relax in Pokhara before moving on to Kathmandu at the end of the week. I plan on blogging about each adventure so more to come in the next couple of days!

World Peace Pagoda 


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