Final images of Nepal

Prayer wheels

I had an amazing six weeks in Nepal. As with any good travel and adventure there were ups and downs, but I would not change any of it. Before moving onto Singapore here are a few final images and memories of my time in Nepal.

Shrines and temples were everywhere in Nepal. I passed these four alone getting from my hotel to Kathmandu Durbar Square which was only about a mile and a half away.


I could not get over the traffic and narrow streets especially in Kathmandu.


I found walking around Kathmandu both exhilarating and terrifying!
While you technically drive on the left in Nepal, there aren’t any lines on the road so it’s common to see cars and motorbikes going wherever they need to in order to keep moving. This was a common sight at intersections. There were no stop signs or traffic lights. Crossing any intersections definitely required a pedestrian to be paying attention.
The view from the backseat of a taxi.
It was a toss-up for what was more stressful for me – riding in a taxi or walking! I really enjoyed my time in Kathmandu but the traffic was awful and I found walking to be difficult.
All the pickup trucks were brightly decorated.
Electrical lines in Nepal.
Momos! I loved eating these dumplings. They were a staple in my diet during my time in Pokhara and Kathmandu.
This sign in a restaurant bathroom made me laugh. Most toilets in Nepal aren’t made to handle toilet paper so you have to put toilet paper in the trash. This sign could not have been more accurate!
I loved my time in Nepal. It was a great place to start my travels. It was the change and challenge I had been craving. I felt blessed and humbled by my time in Nepal. It was hard leaving but I have a feeling I will be back!

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